Nettax 35mm en


Nettax (35 mm) was produced in factories Zeiss Ikon in the years 1936 to 1938. The Rangefinder camera was to a cheaper alternative to the Contax II. Actually it should be called Super Nettel III, because he was the successor of models and Super Super Nettel Nettel II, but before the premiere Nettax name was choosen. He received a  Zeiss code 538/24.
Nettax camera is a rigid structure. Shutter operates in the range from 1/5s to 1 / 1000 seconds (and B), as well as Super Nettel, it is a metal shutter with vertical movement as the ContaxI and  Contax II. Rangefinder with short base  is separated from the viewfinder window. Interesting design rangefinder makes interchangeable lenses with bayonet also have a specific design. The lens is built part of the optical rangefinder. Therefore, very limited selection of lenses:
• Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 5cm f/3.5 – standard lens;
• Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar f/2.8 5 cm, – standard lens;
• Carl Zeiss Jena Triotar 10.5 cm f/5.6 – Telephoto.
Using an adapter bracket allows for mounting Zeiss Tessar Contax 2.8cm f / 8 on Nettax, but then the lens is not coupled with the rangefinder.
Nettax was not a huge financial success and now  is rather rare. Especially rare are telephoto lenses, and today the price is high.

Data of my collection

  • Body s / n  A48483
  • Lens: Tessar 2,8 / 50 s / n 1873109

The camera I got from Andrew, is well preserved, but unfortunately the shutter is damaged (broken one cord of curtain)
s / n body is placed inside the body and the rear cover, the s / n of the lens was placed in two places also . On the back plate is placed also sign of dealer.