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Leningrad 6 is a popular light meter manufactured in the USSR and the 70’s.
This is a CdS type light meter calibrated in DIN and GOST (does anyone remember what is GOST?). However, currently there is no commonly used ASA class. An interesting solution is using the viewfinder. This enables precise measurement of reflected light. It has 2 switchable mechanical ranges and a reading on the scale of the magnetoelectric meter and set on the dial. By moving the translucent white filter, we can also measure direct light. It is powered by a 1.35V RC53 (625A) battery. It is made of black plastic and equipped with a black leather case. The construction is similar to the German Weimar Lux boards.

  • Film speed range from 6 to 33 DIN (from 2.8 to 1400 GOST).
  • Aperture from 1.4 to 45
  • Shutter 1/2000 seconds to 2 minutes

The exhibit from the collection was intensively used by my friend Paweł. I have a operating light meter, unfortunately the case didn’t survived .