Agat 18K en


Half-frame (18x24mm) simple system camera Agat 18K was manufactured in factories BeLomo since 1988. He was succeeded by Agat 18 and practically has only different lens cover, which is enlarged so that it also protected the shutter button. The camera had a leaf shutter with one time and lens type Industar104 2,8/28 mm with adjustable leaflets aperture to 16. Not only had the range-finder and only the scale from 0.9 m. The camera was used with 35mm film type 135 for 72 frames.
His manufacturer, the MMZ (Minsk Mechanical Factory) was founded in 1957. They began the production of optical glass and cameras, which were developed by GOMZ. In 1971 the name changed to BelOMO (Belorussian Optical and Mechanical Association) based in Minsk, the capital of Belarus (former Soviet republic). The most famous their product was a Chaika (also half-frame camera).
The Agat cameras were not too popular in Poland. Bakelite is a very simple design, but the exchange of films requires some experience.

Data of my collection

No s / n, the camera I got from Nikolai.