Revueflex 1000S en


Under the brand Revueflex Foto-Quelle in Germany was sold the equipment selected brands from Japan (Chinon and Cosina) and and Russia (KMZ). Revueflex 1000S it  was actually the Japanese version of Chinon CS (produced since 1976). This is a typical SLR pentaprism and with a built-in CDs light meter.
The design is similar to Practica, but the body is slightly thicker and the shutter button is placed differently . Revueflex 1000S is rare.


  • SLR – the beginning of manufacturing 1978
  • film type 135,  36 frames 24x36mm
  • Lens mount M42x1
  • Focal plane vertical shutter with metal curtains,  settings 1/1000s to 1s and B
  • flash X and M
  • CdS (behind the lens) film speed adjustable from 25AS to 3200ASA (15 to 36 DIN)
  •   battery type PX13/PX625 – 1.35 V

Details of the my collection:
Revueflex 1000S – body without lens, s/n 173169
I bought for 28 pln + shipping, a operates. The camera is considered as the rare.