Nettar II en


Nettar cameras have been produced by Zeiss Ikon since 1934 in many versions. In total, I counted 12 main design versions. They were all for a 120 type roll film, but they differed in the size of the frame (6x9cm, 6×6 or 6×4.5), the type of central shutter and the type of lens.

Based on, I think that my camera is the Nettar II 517/16 (produced since 1949) or 518/16 Eg (produced since 1949). After all, it is a technical monument.

Technical specification of the exhibit:

  •  Film type – 6cm roll film type 120
  •  Lens – Novar Anastigmat 1: 6.3 / 75mm
  •  Shutter: Central Vario by Gauthier (AGC) with settings B, 1/25, 1/75, 1/200
  •  Sync socket for flash,
  •  Flash shoe
  •  Filter diameter 32 mm Clip On,
  •  Aperture: 6.3 to 22
  •  Optical direct vision viewfinder
  •  Dimensions (folded): 135x100x45mm
  •  Weight 550 g

Exhibit data:

Nettar II ver. 517/16 or 518Ev without s/n  I received from Andrew by exchange for another technical monument. I got an original case with the camera.