Smena 8M en


LOMO Smena 8M is a popular camera produced since 1970 in the Soviet Union. This is one of the last models produced until 1990, but still available in stores in early 90 ’. The camera is very simple, without automation, takes pictures in 35 mm film of good quality as the plastic box. There is also no rangefinder. Equipped with a frame counter and a socket for the flash sync. It was produced at both the GOMZ and LOMO factories.
However, not very comfortable to manually tensioning the shutter before each shot.
Data of my collection

  • Smena 8M without s/n
  • lens : LOMO T-43 4/40

Camera in operate order. In total, I have 3 Smena 8M.



Smena 8M Manual, in English