Fujica Compact 35 en


Automatic compact camera with an interesting design produced in 1967 in Japan.
Basic features:

  • Very comfortable with the  marks to parallax correction. In the viewfinder you will see four icons at the bottom of the viewfinder to focus, on the left side – the size of the aperture and shutter speed time, and the top of the meter pointer.
  •  Image format 24x36mm, film type 135
  • Leaf shutter, speeds from 1 / 30 sec to 1 / 250 sec flash sync.
  • Fixed Fujinon 2.8/38mm. Classical focus ring. Minimum aperture f: 22
  • Selenium light meter that controls the correct lighting conditions, in addition to automatic mode, the option to manually set the aperture and shutter speed. The camera works without any batteries!! Very interesting design.
  • Choice of film speed on the back of the camera

New camera costed 14.900 yen, now I bought for about 5 PLN (3 cameras I bought in bulk.) It is mechanically sound, light meter runs uncertainly.