Edixa-Mat Reflex D

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Wirgin Company was founded by the brothers Heinrich, Max and Josef Wirgin in 1920. In 1932 the company surprised the market with a very small viewfinder camera for type 127 film, the Gewirette. Since the mid-1930s it also made Edinex 35mm viewfinder cameras, which they produced also as Adrette for Adox. These came equipped with a Wirgin Gewironar lens and a Compur shutter or a Steinheil Culminar lens (like a Tessar) in a Prontor shutter.
After the II world war, Heinrich Wirgin came back from America and as the Henry Wirgin, he reconstruct  the Wirgin company in Wiesbaden. First SLR  has built Heinz Waaske and it were the first such cameras constructed in West Germany. The company grew rapidly and in 1962 year Henry Wirgin bought a Frank company. Unfortunately, in 1967, Frank-Werk branch was closed. In 1968, was closed the main factory, but continued to produce some camera models in the new smaller factory. Wirgin Henry died in 1989 in Wiesbaden, at the age of 90 years.
Under the brand Edix company produced about 87 models of SLR cameras, including 23 Edix-Mat.
Edix-Mat Reflex D was produced in the years 1967 to 1970 and was the successor Edix-Mat Reflex D-L. This is a typical SLR. Noteworthy is the selftimer. By proper setting the self-timer and set the shutter to B mode then we can be set exposure times from 2 to 9s.
The camera is a rare and I had a problem to find more information held by me the model, for example I could not find the volume of production of individual models.


•  Type - SLR with pentaprism and self-return mirror
• Type of film: 135
• Dimensions of the frame: 24x36mm
• Shutter: focal plane shutter (horizontal)
• Shutter Speed: 1 second to 1/100, B, in extended mode 2 to 9s,
• Lock the shutter
• the possibility of double exposure frame
• Self-timer: to 9s
• Lens Mount: thread M41x1
• With iris control
• Flash Sync: X and M
• Counter frames
• Shield to set the film speed
• Light meter: none

In my collection:

  • Edixa-Mat Reflex D, body s/n 646100
  • Manufacturer EDIXA GMBH
  • Lens Steinheil-Auto-Cassaron 2,8/50mm s/n 2363616

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Edixa-Mat Reflex D
Edixa-Mat Reflex D
Edixa-Mat Reflex D
Edixa-Mat Reflex D
Edixa-Mat Reflex D