Czajka II / Chaika II

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Chaika II is a 35mm film half frame viewfinder camera made by MMZ since 1967 and by Belomo since 197. Totally was manufactured about 1.250.000 units between years 1967-72 . Chaika (Чайка) means Seagull. Chaika was the call sign of the first Russian female cosmonaut, Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova.
Other versions of construction :
- Chaika I was manufactured between 1965-67 with quantity of 171.400 units.
- Chaika 3, equipment with light meter, was manufactured between 1971-73 with quantity of 600 000 units.
- Chaika 2M, based on Chaika 3 but without light meter, was manufactured between 1972-74 with quantity of 341 400 units.
 Specifications of Chaika II

  • 35mm film type 135
  • Frame size: 18x24mm
  • Lens: Industar-69 28mm f/2.8
  • Aperture: up to f/16
  • Focus range: 0.8m to inf.
  • Shutter: leaf shutter with speeds 1/30-1/250 +B
  • Flash PC socket
  • Shutter release: button on front of the camera
  • Memory dial


Data of my collection

Chaika II s/n 0170342, mechanically efficient. I got the camera from Pawel complete with small faulty shutter. It required only cleaning and lubrication of shutter.


Czajka II / Chaika II
Czajka II / Chaika II
Czajka II / Chaika II
Czajka II / Chaika II