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Beltica 35mm camera (film 135) and it was one of the first products of the East German VEB Belca-Werk, former the Balda-Werk Max Baldeweg, in Dresden.
An interesting solution is correcting vertical parallax of the optical viewfinder the camera. Another feature was to put the shutter button at the top of the camera body, It was not used solution in bellows camera. In addition to setting B, provided T mode. In T mode, the release button must be pressed twice, the first to open shutter and second to close the shutter.
Identical cameras were manufactured in the same factory in Dresden in the years 1946 to 1950 under the brand Balda. The name was changed to the camera from the Balda in the Beltica after settling a dispute over a trademark.
Data of my collection:

  • Manufactured since 1951 by VEB Belca-Werk Dresden formerly Balda-Werk
  • Film: 35mm type 135
  • body s / n 140726
  • Lens Tessar 2,8 / 50 s / n 3792554, the purchasing  price 56zł.
  • Viewfinder - cracked one lens, film advance system was repaired