Diody Zenera

Submitted by Rysio on Sat, 04/24/2021 - 16:55

The photo shows zener diodes initially manufactured at TEWA, and then at the Toruń plant, from the oldest to those manufactured at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. Sequentially in the first photo the low-power zener is shown in chronological order:

  1. BZ1
  2. BZ11
  3. BZP630
  4. ???????
  5. BZP683

The second photo shows a high-power zener diode (1W) of the BZ2 type, later produced as BZP620. In the 1980s, they were replaced by diodes in the CE39 type BZP650 housing, but I have not found one at the moment. They are easily available and I should fill this gap.

Zener diodes
Zener diodes