Praktica MTL 3

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Praktica MTL3 is a SLR produced by the VEB Pentacon Dresden Kombinat. The main designer of the camera was Rolf Noack. The camera was produced en masse in the period from December 1984 to February 1986 (source Mike Otto). The exact number of cameras produced could not be determined. The design is based on models LTL3 and Super TL 1000.
The construction is very robust and includes some advanced features. Interchangeable lenses are mounted on M42x1 thread. The camera is equipped with a vertical metal shutter slit. This is a great design calculated for 25 years. Shutter knob lets you set a time of 1s to 1/1000s and B. It provides synchronization with electronic flash units for 1/125s.
Metering and viewfinder
Built-in light meter MTL 3 is integrated with a mirror. It is therefore important to maintain the mirror in good condition, it is better never touch it. Indicator on the right side of the viewfinder indicates the correct exposure. Placed at the bottom of the camera battery (no longer manufactured) 1.35V PX 625 single mercury cell power exclusively meter MTL3. The switch next to the shutter release sets the aperture and starts light meter. In this way we save battery consumption. Black wedge on the left indicates that film has not yet been scrolled.
The standard lens supplied with the camera was a Pentacon 50mm f/1.8 mounted on a threaded M42x1. Auto switch mode on the lens lets either blocks or control aperture by shutter trigger. With the auto mode the aperture is reduced to a set value only when shutter button is presed, otherwise is fully open. There was used coated lenses, filters are mounted on fine thread M49.
Technical specification:

  • Shutter - Mechanical with a metal curtains with vertical motion
  • Viewfinder pentaprism and the Fresnel lens with microprism and split-image
  • ange finder as focusing screen
  • fixed setting for the eye
  • Fast film transport
  • film loading system  Pentacon Loading-System
  • X-sync to the flash (1/125s)
  • hot shoe contact over the pentaprism.

Data of my collection

  • I got the camera in very good condition from Andrew C.  fully operational, it was not just the battery.
  • MTL3 body s/n 84865
  • Lens: Pentagon auto 1.8/50 mutli coating, no s/n



Praktica MTL 3
Praktica MTL 3
Praktica MTL 3