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The Smena was a viewfinder camera for 35mm film developed and made by GOMZ. Since 1957 it was also manufactured by MMZ. The Smena went through at least 15 versions, running until the 1990s. The first variant of Smena which has the socket to flash lamp it was Smena-2 of 1955.
The Smena had a bakelite body and was equipped with a three element lens (Cooke triplet) and a leaf shutter. Early versions had separate shutter release lever on the lens and a frame counter release button on top of the body, later series were equipped with a single button on the body combining both functions. Smena, as well as all subsequent versions till the Smena 7, had no film rewind capability and two cassettes should  be used.

  • Type: viewfinder camera
  • Manufacturers: GOMZ and MMZ
  • Year of launch: 1953
  • Film: 35mm
  • Lens: triplet T-22 1:4.5/40mm
  • Angle of view: 57 degrees
  • Min. focusing distance: 1.3 m
  • Shutter: Speeds 1/10 sec. to 1/200 sec. and B
  • Aperture: 1:4.5 to 1:22
  • Exposure range: 8-17 EV
  • Selftimer: none
  • Film advance: knob
  • Tripod thread: 3/8"
  • data of my collection
  • s/n 453830

I bought a working camera. This is the oldest version of Smena.