Revueflex 3M

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Revueflex was the brand under which the German network Foto-Quelle selling cameras from other manufacturers. Cameras were sold mainly several Japanese companies Chinon and Cosina, as well as the Russian state company KMZ (Zenit cameras). In the years 60’  Foto-Quelle  also sold Petri and Konica cameras.
The collections have a camera manufactured by KMZ Revueflex since 1967, but he is better known under the brand Zenit 3M.
Zenit 3M is a SLR 35mm, produced by KMZ for the years 1962 to 1970. Interchangeable lenses are mounted on the thread of 39mm.
It has modest equipment, and its technical parameters are as follows:
- horizontal -moving focal plane shutter, with speeds 1/500, 1/250, 1/125, 1/50, 1/30 and B.
- Is equipped with a self-timer
- Jack flash sync (X or M switching), and providing work at 1/30 sec
The camera had no light meter, pushbutton mirror and aperture przestawiało hand. But in the 60's was the least expensive SLR, and therefore it was looking for the camera.
Data of my collection

  • Revueflex (Zenit 3M), Producer KMZ, Made in USSR
  • body s/n 68014309
  • Lens: Helios 44, 2/58 s/n 8004776

I bought it for  72,01 PLN. The camera was generally in good condition, but require lubrication and adjustment (shutter for speed 1/30s and B).


Revueflex 3M,  Zenit 3M
Revueflex 3M,  Zenit 3M
Revueflex 3M,  Zenit 3M