Submitted by Rysio on Sun, 12/13/2020 - 23:15

Pionyr - a popular camera for children produced in Czechoslovakia by Dufa from 1940, 1948 or 1950 (sources give different dates). It is a copy of French Photax II Blind from the 40s. It is also the equivalent of our Druh, the parameters were basically identical. I bought the faulty (locked) shutter, which, after cleaning, lubrication and adjustment to be working. I must admit that the shutter mechanism in Druh was much simpler. The model has an adjustable aperture (2 settings), a snapshot at one time 1/50s and B, and synchronization for the flash. On www.camerapedia.org I found even a model with shutter speeds 1 / 50, 1 / 100 and B. It is a roll film camera on the frame 60x60 and the 60x45. Unfortunately, adapter for 60x45 frame I has not got.
I bought it for 32 PLN. It is not too popular camera in Poland.