Minolta Hi-Matic7

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In 1963 the Minolta HI-MATIC 7 succeeded the original Minolta Hi-Matic 35mm rangefinder camera. It had new features, especially a CdS meter placed above the lens optics within the filter connection ring, a manual shutter speed selection mode, and the exposure meter's actual EV-value displayed in the viewfinder. Like the original Hi-Matic its viewfinder was a rangefinder with mechanical parallax correction, and it had a self-timer. With this camera Minolta made the "Hi-Matic" camera series their main series of range- and viewfinder cameras. Every Hi-Matic had more or less automatic features, especially for exposure control by meter, and more or less support of flashlight usage. The later version HI-MATIC 7s added a hot shoe for flashes and the exposure system of the SRT 101 SLR-camera.
•    Type: rangefinder camera
•    Manufaturer: Minolta
•    Year of release: 1963
•    Films: 35mm films with speeds 25 to 800 ASA
•    Lens: 6 lenses 1:1,8 f=45mm Rokkor
•    Metering: CdS meter, EV 5.7 - EV 17
•    Weight: 770 g
•    Dimensions: 140×82×73mm
This camera requires a battery to function. It was originally designed to take a PX13 or PX625 mercury battery, but nowadays is not inaccessible. You can still buy the equivalent of identical dimensions, but with a voltage of 1.5 V. In result it gives measurement errors but it is possible to correct by  correction ASA setting.
Data of my collection
s/n 463389, lens Rokkor 45/1,8
The camera I got from Andrew with a locked shutter. But it looks beautiful, almost like new.


Minolta Hi-Matic7
Minolta Hi-Matic7
Minolta Hi-Matic7