Transistors and diodes manufactured in Poland

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The timeline showing the achievements in the production of transistors, in Poland and in the world, is quite accurately shown in

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The first transistors were made at Bell Labolatories in 1947. Work on the construction of the first Polish ones began at IPPT PAN in 1952. In the mid-1950s, planar transistors were produced at the National Institute of Telecommunications (IŁ), and diodes at the Industrial Institute of Electronics (PIT). In 1958, the TEWA Semiconductor Factory was established on the basis of the  Experimental Center of Institute of Telecommunications. TEWA started the commercial production of transistors in 1960, and in 1961 the PEWA plant, i.e. the PIE Experimental Plant, was incorporated into the TEWA plant.

In the descriptions of Polish semiconductors, I use mainly descriptions and catalogs found on the web. From the specialists dealing with the first transistors, I personally met only Dr. Stanisław Sońta, but it was at a time when we were already dealing with other topics. He mentioned that he was planning to write a book on how the first transistors were developed, but he ran out of time. In 2009, the Institute of Communications published a special issue of the TITI magazine devoted to the history of the Institute of Lodz, but there is nothing there about the production of transistors. No people who had information about this activity worked in this area anymore. On the other hand, the first works carried out at the Department of Electronics of the Polish Academy of Sciences were described in the Issue 8 of the PIE of 1992 (Polish).




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Podstawki pod tranzystory